E-Commer strategy making:

merchandising strategies, best seller setting, pricing strategies,promotional selling, framework strategies

E-Commerce operations:

operational plan making, promotional plan making, eCommerce platform synergization,activity implementation, consumer feedback collecting

Promotion services:

promotional merchandising,promotional analysis and research

Online advertising:

brand story, purchase guidance,landing page frameworking

Visual design:

product image design, promotional visuals, online store homepage design,activity page design

Customer service:

pre-sales consultation & feedback, post-sales support & analysis,comment management

Logistics and inventory management:

warehouse entry, inventory management, order forwarding & processing,packaging and shipping

Technical support:

Database/ERP API docking, E-Commerce platform API docking,Data model building,Customized development

E-Commerce distributor management

Distributor recruitment:

distribution strategy making,
pricing strategy,
negotiation and redistribution guidance

Ditributor services:

product training, activity development,
advertising support, post-sales service,
and shipping services

Order management:

online order syndication,
promotional plan syndication binding
and order validation

Platform collaboration:

online store development,
activity connecting-in,
platform merchandising and operation

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Services dedicated to China market entry

for international brands

If you would like to open China E-Commerce market for your brands, any kind of collaboration including deputized operation or general distributor of China is highly welcome.

  • Data analysis:
    build solid foundation of your entry to China market
  • Market positioning:
    franchise analysis of China market helps you precisely position you product
  • Importation and exportation services:
    provide your brands with international shipping , custom clearance and warehousestorage services
  • Promotional planning:
    promotional plan tailor-made for your products andmarket position
  • E-Commerce platform entry:
    maximize brand exposure with listing on majore Commerce platforms
  • All-in-one peration:
    online store operation, marketing and promotion, advertorial and advertisement composition, visual design and promotional customer service
  • Channel distribution:
    online and offline distribution channel developement
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